Your Perfect Home Doesn't Exist - Until You Build It

Hire a custom homebuilder in Rochester, NH

If you can't find an existing home that meets all your requirements, don't settle for a house you'll outgrow in a few years. Abbott & Son Construction can build the perfect home for your family.

As a custom homebuilder, we add personal touches to every home we build in the Rochester, NH area. Reach out today to discuss your design preferences with our father-and-son team.

Need a new roof?

Although we're not the only local roofing company in Rochester, NH, we're more knowledgeable than other contractors. In fact, our father-and-son team has over 55 years of combined experience. With that in mind, you can trust your home improvement project to our roofing company.

Your needs have likely changed over the years

A home that might have been perfect years ago might not meet your needs today. Luckily, you can rely on your custom homebuilder to...

Modify the layout, to make your home more modern and accessible

Build additional bedrooms, so your guests can spend the night in comfort

Build other desirable spaces, to increase the resale value of your property

Any time you hire us, you'll be impressed by our superior work and thorough processes. Call us today!